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Worship Arts Minor


The Worship Arts minor offers students an opportunity to complement their Major or Concentration with the interdisciplinary study of Worship Arts. Grounded in the Christian Tradition, this minor provides an opportunity to study both pastoral theology as it relates to congregational worship, and the fine arts as they relate to Christian history and worship. This minor is a good fit for students considering either vocational or volunteer roles leading congregational worship. The Worship Arts minor is not open to Bachelor of Theology students.

Worship Arts (21 credits)
IND 288 Art and Faith I
IND 289 Art and Faith II
PST 212 Pastoral Theology
PST 382 Worship Leadership Strategies
REL 332 Psalms
REL 370 Theology and Practice of Worship
3 credits from the following praxis Fine Arts electives:
     ART 141 Drawing I
     DA 203/204 Ballet Technique I/II
     DA 213/214 Modern Dance Technique I/II
     MU 120/121/220/221/320/321/420/421 Applied Music
     MU 140/141/240/241/340/341 Applied Music Lessons
     MU 157/158/257/258/357/358/457/458 Instrumental Ensembles
     MU 190/191/290/291/390/391/490/491 Large Vocal Ensemble – University Singers
     MU 195/196/295/296/395/396/495/496 Small Vocal Ensemble – Ambrose University Voices
     TH 201/202 Acting: Meisner I & II