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Final Grades and Grade Point Averages


Grade Reports

Upon completion of each semester, you may view grades for courses in which you were officially registered through your Student Portal. You are responsible to ensure the accuracy of this information.

Grade Point Averages

Satisfactory progress toward completion of a degree program is judged on the basis of cumulative grade point average. The grade point average (GPA) is calculated on a semester basis by adding the quality points earned in each course and dividing by the number of credit hours in which you are enrolled. Pass/fail credit hours are not used in calculating GPA or cumulative GPA. Similarly, grades from transfer credits are not considered when calculating your GPA or cumulative GPA.

The cumulative GPA is the average calculated by adding the total quality points you have earned in all courses and dividing the total by the sum of all attempted credit hours in which you have been enrolled at Ambrose University.

Letter Grade and Grade Point Average

The grading system used at Ambrose University is the Alberta Common Grading Scale, also known as the Alpha 4.00 Grading Scale. Grades have the following meanings:

Grade Interpretation Grade Points
A+ Excellent 4.00
A   4.00
A-   3.70
B+ Good 3.30
B   3.00
B-   2.70
C+ Satisfactory 2.30
C   2.00
C-   1.70
D+ Poor 1.30
D Minimal Pass 1.00
F Failure 0.00


No grade points
AU Audit

No grade points

AUF Audit-Fail

No grade points

FR Failed-Repeat

No grade points

P Pass

No grade points

R Repeat

No grade points

TX Time Extension

No grade points

W Withdrawal

No grade points

Because of the nature of the Alpha 4.00 system, there can be no uniform university-wide conversion scale. The relationship between raw scores (e.g. percentages) and the resultant letter grade will depend on the nature of the course and the instructor’s assessment of the level of each class, compared to similar classes taught previously.


Aegrotat Grade

The Academic Affairs Committee may authorize a final grade of ‘Aegrotat’ when course requirements are not met due to prolonged illness or other circumstances beyond a student’s control.