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Non-profit Management Minor


This track equips students for the process of managing non-profit organizations and their ever-changing external environments, in areas such as strategic leadership and governance, marketing and communication, fundraising and financial management, as well as human resource and volunteer management. Courses in innovative and entrepreneurial thinking, and leading in diverse, multi-cultural organizations help prepare students to lead more effectively to achieve an organization’s mission.

Non-profit Management (18 credits)

  • BUS 290/DVST 290/IND 290 Innovative and Entrepreneurial Thinking
  • BUS 305/DVST 305 Management of Non-Profit Organizations
  • BUS 342/DVST 342 Leadership in the Global Context
  • BUS 383/DVST 383 Marketing Communications and Societal Marketing

Two of the following:

  •      Any ACC, BUS, OR ECO courses (not for students in the BA (Business) or BBA programs)
    • BA (Business) and BBA: Choose from any Community Development Minor courses)
  •      BHS 450 Intersections Between Poverty and Government Policy
  •      DVST 210 Introduction to Community Development
  •      DVST 301 Intermediate Domestic Community Development
  •      DVST 302 Intermediate International Community Development
  •      DVST 304/BUS 304 or DVST 404/ BUS 404 Travel Study
  •      DVST 306/PS 306 Working with Vulnerable Persons
  •      DVST 350/BHS 350 Poverty in Western Society
  •      DVST 402/SO 402 Human Trafficking
  •      ICS 202 Cultural Anthropology
  •      ICS 205 Intercultural Competence
  •      ICS 303 Global Forms of Violence Against Women
  •      ICS 308 Applied Intercultural Competence
  •      PS 307 Psychological Impacts of Poverty
  •      SO 220 Social Problems
  •      SO 403 Global Criminology