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Business Administration Minor


The Business Administration minor offers a group of core courses to students taking other majors or concentrations. The minor is helpful to give students some basic understanding in Business Administration and the economy, and to introduce them to a mindset of innovation, creativity and how to lead diverse, multi-cultural organizations effectively. Such knowledge allows students to gain a better understanding of today’s world, which seems driven more and more by business and economic factors.

Business Administration (18 credits)

BUS 100 Introduction to Business Administration or BUS 305 Management of Non-Profit Organizations
BUS 290 Innovative and Entrepreneurial Thinking
BUS 342/DVST 342 Leadership in the Global Context
One of the following:
     ACC 200 Introduction to Financial Accounting
     BUS 250 Organizational Behaviour
     BUS 280 Marketing
     ECO 100 Introductory Microeconomics
6 credits in BUS or ACC at the 200-level or higher