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Biology Minor


The Biology minor offers students an opportunity to complement their Bachelor of Arts Major or Concentration with the study of Biology. The minor provides an overview of subjects within the field of Biology and is useful for students considering a career in Education, Business (e.g. Biotechnology), graduate programs, or further professional training in the science or healthcare field. Students must have completed Biology 30 or Chemistry 30 in order to be eligible for the Biology minor. The Biology minor is not open to students in the Bachelor of Science degree.

Biology (18 credits)
BIO 131 Introduction to the Cellular Basis of Life
BIO 133 Introduction to Plant and Organismal Biology
6 credits at the 200-level or higher in BCH, BIO, BOT, ECOL, KIN*, MED, OR ZOO 
6 credits at the 300-level or higher in BCH, BIO, BOT, ECOL, KIN*, MED, OR ZOO

*Note: Not all KIN courses can be used as Science credits; check the course descriptions.