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SC 250 Science and Society (3) O

An interactive science course where students are introduced to topics from a range of disciplines. Within each discipline, real-world examples are used to highlight the application of science in daily life. Instruction will consist of lecture, in-class group work, and hands-on experimental activities.

Note: This course can be used as an open elective course for Science students.


SC 498 Science Capstone (3) A

An examination of a current science or societal problem.  Each topic will have three components: an historical exploration of the problem or issue, an integrated science based exploration of the issue, and spiritual reflection of the problem or issue.  Students will be encouraged to integrate the various disciplines within science to come to an understanding of what is known, what is thought, and what needs to be investigated in the problem under study in order to provide direction to society.

Prerequisite: Restricted to students in the 4 year Science degree program, to be taken in their final year. Completion of at least 90 credits, or permission of the department.

Note: Students can only earn credit for one of the following: SC 498 or BIO 498.