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Foundations for Ministry Certificate


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What is the Foundations for ministry certificate?

The FMC is relevant and practical instruction for men and women engaged in ministry across Canada.

Who is the foundations certificate for?

The FMC is for Church workers and lay individuals involved in ministry. Ambrose students currently enrolled in a degree program are NOT eligible for FMC classes or credit.

What are the FMC Courses Offered?

Students are required to take five courses in at least three different areas.

  • Understanding the Bible
  • The Christian Faith
  • Personal Formation and Development
  • Foundation of Ministry
  • Mission and Evangelism

When and Where will the Foundations Certificate be Offered?

FMC classes are offered at a variety of times throughout the year. 

What Format Is the Foundations Certificate?

The FMC will be seminar-style involving 10 hours of instruction, plus 30 hours of addition reading and written work.

How Much Will Each Class Cost?

$200.00 for credit, $100.00 for audit.

How do I Register for Classes?

Please fill out the FMC Course Registration Form by clicking here!


Full-time Ambrose faculty and select ministry professionals.

Level of Instruction and Transfer

Courses are aimed at adult learners and are assessed on a pass/fail basis. Participants who wish to continue their studies at Ambrose, and who are accepted into one of its seminary programs, are eligible for a maximum of 3 credits towards a pastoral elective IF they successfully complete the FMC Certificate prior to starting their degree.


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