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Intercultural Studies Minor


Intercultural competence is important for effective relationships in an increasingly globalized world. The Intercultural Studies Minor is designed to introduce students to the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to understand and cultivate thriving multicultural relationships in appropriate and effective ways to engage redemptively in work of the Kingdom of God.

Intercultural Studies (18 credits)
ICS 205 Intercultural Competence
ICS 204/ICS 304/ICS 404 Intercultural Travel Study (3 credits)
ICS 308 Applied Intercultural Competence
3 credits of ICS elective
6 credits Behavioural Science Focus or Theology Focus
     Behavioural Science Focus
          PS 250 Social Psychology and PS 342 Culture and Psychology OR
          SO 220 Social Problems and SO 300 Sociology of Racialization and Ethnicity
     Theology Focus
          REL 130 Introduction to World Religions or 3 credits in non-Christian religion AND
          REL 367 Theologies from the Margins or REL 378 Global Missiologies