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Languages - Modern


FRE 101 Introductory French: Beginners’ Level I (3–2L) O

Designed for students with no previous knowledge of French, this course introduces basic grammar, conversation, reading, and writing in French.


FRE 103 Introductory French: Beginners’ Level II (3–2L) O

A continuation of FRE 101, or for those learners who possess some knowledge of the French language. It is designed to further basic grammar, conversation, reading, and writing skills in French. Placement tests available.

Prerequisite: FRE 101 or French 20


FRE 201 First-Year University French I (3–2L) O

A continuation of Beginners’ French with a focus on building upon the basics of the French language. This will include further development of grammar, reading, comprehension, and composition skills, as well as an introduction to French literature. Placement tests available.

Prerequisite: French 30, or FRE 103, or equivalent