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Fine Arts


FA 120 Fine Arts (3) O

This course is an introduction to three areas of the visual arts: art history of the nineteenth century to the present, art fundamentals, and art criticism. These aspects will be explored through a combination of lectures by the instructor, student presentations, simple hands-on studio activities and exposure to art and art ventures through visits to a variety of galleries and museums.


FA 240 Aesthetics (3) B

This course introduces students to the philosophical issues related to art and the apprehension of beauty. A variety of metaphysical and epistemological concerns will be addressed: What is art? What is beauty? Is art artificial or can it be natural? What is the nature and the role of the artist? Do works of art have meaning and if so, how are these meanings derived? Objectivism, formalism, subjectivism, and expressivism will be explored.

Note: This course is cross-listed as PH 240