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Dance Minor


The Dance minor offers students in other majors and disciplines an alternate expression and/or concentrated study of creativity and physical activity. The minor is useful to students studying other artistic mediums, worship arts, kinesiology, education, and any other field where creative, interdisciplinary problem solving is required. Students start with foundation and technique courses before choosing how to apply their skills in upper level performance courses.

Dance (21 credits for Arts and Science students or 18 credits for BTh students)

3 credits in Introductory Dance, one of:
     DA 103 Dance Fundamentals (3 credits)
     TH 203 Movement I (3 credits)
9 credits in Technique:
     DA 203 Ballet Technique I (1.5 credits)
     DA 204 Ballet Technique II (1.5 credits)
     DA 213 Modern Technique I (1.5 credits)
     DA 214 Modern Technique II (1.5 credits)
     DA 303 Selected Styles (3 Credits)
6 credits in Applied Performance from:
     DA 230/231/232 Dance Practice I/II/III (1 credit each)
     DA 322 Introduction to Choreography (3 credits)
     DA 423 Variations in Contemporary Choreography (3 credits)
     TH 120a and TH 120b Collective Creation I and II (6 credits)
3 credits in Faith and Dance, one of: (this requirement is optional for BTh students)
     IND 288 Art and Faith I (3 credits)
     IND 289 Art and Faith II (3 credits)