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Acting Minor


The Acting minor offers students in other majors and disciplines an alternate expression and/or concentrated study of creativity. The minor is useful to students studying other artistic mediums, worship arts, education, and any other field where creative, interdisciplinary problem solving is required. Students may choose an acting stream, a technical theatre stream, or a more flexible stream that allows them to combine various theatrical interests. Approval from the department is required for admission.

Acting (18 Credits)

TH 154 Script Analysis
One of the following:
     TH 100 Introduction to Theatre
     TH 160 Theatre History I
     TH 161 Theatre History II
Two of the following Theatre Skill Disciplines:
     TH 201 Acting I: Meisner
     TH 202 Acting II:  Meisner
One of the following Applied Theatre Practices:
     TH 120a/b Collective Creation     
     TH 222 Rehearsal and Performance: Classical Play
     TH 223 Rehearsal and Performance: Contemporary Play     
3 credits in Theatre at the 200-level or above