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Continuing Education


Non-credit Courses and Programs

Ambrose Arts

There are several opportunities at Ambrose for non-credit involvement in music ensembles: Ambrose University Singers, Ambrose Chamber Orchestra and Ambrose Jazz Band. See Ambrose Music Ensembles for information.

Education Program Extended Learning

These courses are designed for practicing teachers who may be thinking about returning for a Master’s degree while working or for students in teacher preparation programs who want to augment what is currently covered in program courses. These courses balance theory and practice with major assignments geared towards the teachers’ own classroom work. Courses are also eligible on TQS (Teacher Qualification Service) as Senior Undergraduate Courses worth .100. See Education Extended Learning for further information.

Inclusive Post-Secondary Education

The Inclusive Post-Secondary Education initiative supports students with developmental disabilities to be fully included in their studies, campus life, pursuit of career aspirations, development of lifelong friendships, gaining of independence, and building of life-enriching experiences. Jointly supported by a non-profit organization, Inclusion Alberta, and the provincially-funded Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) program, inclusive education opportunities are available at Ambrose University. See Inclusive Education at Ambrose University for further information.

School Leadership Quality Standard Certification (2 noncredit courses)

Take your personal leadership journey and realize your passion for education. Comprising two non-credit courses, the Certificate program is your opportunity to get informed, get real about yourself, get going as a school leader — and get the accreditation required to become a Principal in Alberta. See School of Education Leadership Certificate for further information.