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Academic Records


Student academic records, known as transcripts, are maintained by the Office of the Registrar and are considered confidential. The transcript is a permanent record of the student’s complete academic history at Ambrose including courses, grades, program of enrolment and/or conferred, academic standing and probation will appear and remain permanently on your transcript. Partial transcripts will not be issued.

You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy and completeness of your academic record. Queries regarding errors or omissions must be made as soon as possible.


Official Transcripts

Official academic transcripts bear the signature of the Registrar and the University seal, and are printed on security paper. They are issued by the Office of the Registrar. Official academic transcripts include the terms in which registration took place and the associated grades or grade symbols that were assigned. The academic transcript also includes the student’s current or most recent program degree(s), major(s), minor(s), concentration(s), and specialization(s), as appropriate.

Official copies of your transcript will be provided upon written request from you, but only when all of your fees and outstanding amounts have been paid in full. Official transcripts may be issued to you personally or to an institution you designate in writing.

Transcripts cannot be issued on the basis of a telephone or email request.

Official transcript requests are usually processed within 5 business days but may be up to 10 business days during peak academic seasons from the time of the request, provided the student’s account has been paid in full and payment received. Incomplete forms may result in a delay in processing. Requests are processed in the order in which they are received.

Unofficial Transcripts

Unofficial transcripts are similar in content to official transcripts; however, they are not printed on security paper and do not bear the Registrar’s signature or the University seal. Current students may access and print unofficial transcripts through their Student Portal.

Please note: As part of the admissions transfer credit process we may collect transcripts from other institutions and keep them on your student file, but legally we cannot release transcripts from another institution.

Withholding of Documents

Official and unofficial academic transcripts will not be issued if the student has any outstanding financial obligations to the University.


Retention of Student Records

Academic Records, including all information appearing on a Transcript, are retained indefinitely. Notations of student discipline are retained according to the terms of the penalty imposed. Materials supporting applications for admission, correspondence and transcripts from other institutions and similar material may be destroyed five years after a student's last registration. Other material may be destroyed sooner.