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Seminary Mission

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At Ambrose Seminary, we seek to integrate your learning experience around four key goals. We will:

Nurture theological depth & breadth: To know what you believe and why it matters.

Ambrose Seminary provides our students with an education rooted in the depth of our evangelical heritage and steeped in the breadth of Christian tradition.

We deeply desire that our students leave Ambrose able to interpret the Bible and all God’s revelation faithfully and to reflect theologically on all that touches on faith and life.

Cultivate a heart after God: To know God - Father, Son & Holy Spirit - and to love as God loves.

Ambrose Seminary imparts to our students a vision of the Triune God and models a Spirit-filled life of abiding and abounding in God.

We deeply desire that our students leave Ambrose centered in a life of communion with God and love of neighbour.

Foster vocational clarity & effectiveness: To know who you are and what you are to do.

Ambrose Seminary helps our students discern and engage their vocation in the uniqueness of their gifts, heart-desires, and personality.

We deeply desire that our students leave Ambrose empowered to serve effectively in the place where their deep joy and the world’s deep need meet.

Inspire redemptive action: To know God’s mission and to live it fully.

Ambrose Seminary challenges students to see and celebrate how God is at work and equips them for reflective engagement in that work.

We deeply desire that our students leave Ambrose ready to engage whole-heartedly wherever God leads them.

Ambrose Seminary prepares Christians to serve and lead the church in its mission in the world. With this statement, Ambrose Seminary affirms that:

  • The mission of the church, which is the mission of God, is to bear witness everywhere and in every aspect of life to the new creation of all things in Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit. That mission extends from the local church into homes, workplaces and public spaces throughout the world;

  • Ambrose Seminary prepares Christians for ministry in the evangelical tradition, at the post-baccalaureate level, and in partnership with The Alliance Canada. The Seminary prepares students to serve and lead in keeping with their calling to live a godly life and to exercise the gifts and abilities that they have been granted by God. Most graduates of the Seminary will go on to serve in a variety of pastoral, teaching and leadership roles in Canada and around the world. With equal enthusiasm, the Seminary educates and trains people for lay ministry, which is essential to the mission of God in and through the church;

  • Ambrose Seminary prepares Christians through an integration of spiritual, intellectual and ministerial formation. Such preparation includes education and training in a variety of disciplines: biblical interpretation, theological reflection, evangelism, discipleship, leadership, preaching, teaching, counselling and cross cultural communication. The Seminary realizes that the theological education it offers must undergo continual refinement so that students receive context-sensitive ministerial training and are enabled to become lifelong learners.