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Diploma In Christian Studies

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Get equipped to serve in ministry and direct your studies to the areas that interest you most. Complete your diploma and move on to continue your Master's level education at Ambrose.

Beyond the Classroom

One-credit workshops are held in churches around Calgary to connect our students to the local community of ministry. Take three one-day workshops to apply toward your certificate.

Program Streams

As classes add up, so do your credentials.

You can start with 1 class that interests you, and build up to a degree. Apply your Diploma in Christian Studies toward graduate studies -- only 10 more credits will complete a full degree.

Credit Breakdown

Earn your diploma in Christian Studies with 30 credits:

9 credits from Biblical and Theological studies

  • Biblical Theology
  • Christian History
  • Old Testament
  • New Testament
  • Theology

3 credits from Leadership & Education

  • Leadership Formation or Teaching and Learning

6 credits from Personal Formation

  • Intercultural Competence
  • Personal Formation and Development

12 credits from Open Electives

  • Take 4 seminary courses of your choosing

Featured Courses

  • ED 501 - Teaching and Learning

    This course uses group and experiential learning to provide participants with growing confidence in their identity as communicators in diverse teaching situations, aware of the diversities in learners and instructional methodologies relevant to Christian educational ministry. 

  • MI 502 Intercultural Competence

    This course is designed to equip individuals to become more intentional about engaging in intercultural interactions. In the ongoing quest to value "others" and their "oneness," worldview differences are explored and habits for assessing and reengineering long held values are examined. Approaches for adjusting to and working with individuals with different cultural perspectives are investigated.

  • LE 503 - Leadership & Leadership Formation

    An exploration, analysis, and application of the field of leadership and personal leadership formation as it relates to ministry and marketplace environments. The goal is the shaping of skills in adaptive leadership placed around the core issue of character development.

  • PT 501 Personal Formation and Development

    This course helps the student develop a rule of life that fits their personality, season of life, and unique situation. It explores the nature and goal of spiritual formation, as well as examines our rich inheritance of spiritual practices from scripture and church history. The student will also be asked to undertake an intensive study of one biblical or historical figure in light of that indivual's spiritual formation (and, if warranted, deformation).