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Master In Intercultural Ministries


As the need for greater cultural fluency grows, there is a call upon today’s ministry leaders to adapt to the increasingly multicultural and diverse world. Our Masters in Intercultural Ministries (MIM) program provides preparation for those looking to enter professional ministry. Deepen your understanding of people in religious, social and cultural contexts in a flexible program that fits your schedule and goals. Gain real-world experience with an integrated 3-month (minimum) internship and learn skills to effectively minister across Canada and around the world.

Beyond the Classroom

Internship is an essential part of getting ready for ministry. Experience the joys, struggles, and lessons of ministry while working alongside experienced ministry staff who will act as your mentors. Put your learning into practice and develop skills and competencies that will make you a confident ministry professional.

Your Future

With a Master in Intercultural Ministries, you'll be equipped to serve in specialized cross-cultural ministries in North America or in international contexts. This program can fulfill the educational requirements for overseas ministry with the Christian and Missionary Alliance and other mission organizations.

Featured Courses

  • MI 502 - Intercultural Competence

    This course is designed to equip individuals to become more intentional about engaging in intercultural interactions. In the ongoing quest to value "others" and their "oneness," worldview differences are explored and habits for assessing and reengineering long held values are examined. Approaches for adjusting to and working with individuals with different cultural perspectives are investigated.

  • MI 503 Mission in Global Perspective

    Theological, strategic and personal issues related to the contemporary expression of Christian mission are surveyed and examined in this course. It seeks to foster an understanding of the biblical basis and Christian motivation for mission, examine critical insights into forms and functions of various mission strategies, while introducing key issues facing the Christian missionary enterprise. Participants will be encouraged to examine their potential role in the mission of the church.

  • NT 502 Synoptic Gospels

    An introduction to New Testament studies and exegetical skills through the study of the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke.

  • OT 502 Pentateuch

    An introduction to Old Testament studies and exegetical skills through the study of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. 

  • TH 623 Christian Ethics

    An introduction to philosophical, Biblical and theological bases for personal and social morality, and to the process of moral decision-making. Attention is also given to selected contemporary issues in ethics such as birth control, genetic engineering, civil disobedience, business ethics, capital punishment, war, and issues related to the edges of life.