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Ambrose Parking Policies

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Ambrose University - Parking Policies & Standards

  1. Parking enforcement is conducted by Ambrose University, Precise Park Link and by the Calgary Parking Authority. 
  2. All vehicles must display a valid parking pass or be registered through the parking app to park on campus.  Parking fines will be levied to all vehicles not registered.
  3. Yearly parking passes are non-transferrable and cannot be sold to another student. The hang-tag pass should be returned at the end of the academic year or semester attending.
  4. Prorated refunds for yearly passes may be considered with just cause through Campus Services.
  5. Any abuse of the parking pass privileges may result in a vehicle being prohibited from parking on the University campus.
  6. Visitor parking along the library is assigned for guests of Ambrose University only.
  7. Vehicles will be ticketed and/or towed for failure to display a valid parking pass, displaying an altered or copied ticket, displaying a stolen pass or parking illegally in fire lanes, roadways, or loading zones.
  8. Vehicles cannot be left on campus over the summer without prior consent through Campus Services.
  9. Major vehicle or mechanical work shall not be done on campus and any damage from leaking oil, gasoline or antifreeze may result in cleanup charges.
  10. Accidents and/or damage to campus property must be reported to Campus Services.
  11. Ambrose University is not responsible for any vehicle or private property in the parking lots at any time including any lost or stolen items, or damage to a vehicle.
  12. All parking fees are subject to change without notice.

If you have any questions or concerns about Ambrose Parking Policies, please email


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Reception Services

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Ambrose Security provides services to support all activities on campus property.


Phone: 403-827-0108

Security Hours
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Saturday & Sunday: 24 hours

Housekeeping & Maintenance
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