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Student Academic Success Team



Location: Student Academic Success, Second Floor




Megan Johnson, MEd, BA

Student Academic Success Manager


  • development, implementation, and evaluation of all academic support services
  • support advanced programing and specific services for students flagged by academic standing (AI/AP/AS/Dean’s list)

  • identify and implement additional support for unique student groups



Emily Wight, BSc

Accessibility & Student Support Coordinator


  • support for students who face barriers to learning resulting from a medical diagnosis (e.g., learning, physical, sensory, or mental health diagnoses) 
  • schedule 4 grant support

Colin Beveridge, MEd, BEd, BSc

Learning Services Coordinator

Specialist, Subject-Specific Skills


  • coordinate and support subject-specific tutoring program
  • design and coordinate workshops for learning and numeracy skills

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Elizabeth (Beth) Gripping, MA, BA, CELTA

Learning Services Coordinator

Specialist, Academic Writing, Research, & Communication


  • coordinate and support undergrad and graduate level academic writing, research and communication tutoring program
  • design and coordinate workshops for academic writing, research and communication

  • coordinate academic support services for international students and ELL students


Robyn 't Hart, BA

Student Academic Success Assistant


  • coordination of career services
  • administrative support for learning services



Meet the Peer Tutors

headshot for Alexsana B. Alexsana B, Peer Tutor, Biblical Languages

  • BA Christian Studies (expected: 2024)

headshot for Amelie SD. Amelie S.D., Peer Tutor, Social Science

  • BA Behavioural Science (expected: 2026)

headshot for Anna K.Anna K., Peer Tutor, Music

  • BMus (expected: 2024)

headshot for Charlotte H.Charlotte H., Peer Tutor, Science and Psychology

  • BSc Biology and BA Psychology (expected: 2025)

headshot for John C.John C., Peer Tutor, Science and Music

  • BSc Biology and BMus (expected: 2025)

headshot for John G.John G., Peer Tutor, Music

  • BMus (expected: 2024)

headshot for Julia M.Julia M., Peer Tutor, Business

  • BBA (expected: 2024)

headshot for Lucas C.Lucas C., Peer Tutor, Science

  • BSc Biology (expected: 2025)

headshot for Colin BColin B.,

  • BSc, BEd, MEd, Professional

headshot for Aaron F. Aaron F., BTh, Peer Tutor

  • BA Christian Studies (expected: 2024)
  • specialty: undergraduate students

headshot for Brandi H.Brandi H., Peer Tutor

  • BA Behavioural Science (expected: 2026)
  • specialty: undergraduate students

headshot for Wingyee W.Wingyee W., BA, MEd, Peer Tutor

  • MCS (expected: 2024)
  • specialty: graduate students in Theological Studies in Chinese

Jenna P., MDiv, Peer Tutor

  • Master of Theological Studies (expected 2025)
  • specialty: seminary students