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James Cresswell, PhD

Professor, Psychology
Phone number
(403) 407-9472


James Cresswell is passionate about working with students on research projects linked to marginalized populations and social justice. His research involves linking critical/cultural theory, philosophy, qualitative methods, and community-based advocacy research. James has a wide range of publications on topics such as poverty, art/aesthetics, language, migration, religion, and technology. He serves as an editor for the Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology and has received awards linked to work with community organizations. Most importantly, James has passionate interest in linking research to teaching in a way that creates an engaging classroom experience and exiting opportunities for students.

Editorial Work

Editor, Journal for Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology, American Psychological Association.
Associate Editor, International Review of Theoretical Psychologies, Aarhus University.
Associate Editor, Theory & Psychology, Sage Publications


PhD (University of Alberta)
BA [Hons] (University of Saskatchewan)

Signature Courses

PS342 Culture & Psychology
PS344 Psychology of Religion
PS402 Psychology of Immigration

Select Publications

Cresswell, J., Melnyk, J., & Diaz, R. (2023). On the problem of generalization in cultural psychology: Aesthetics, generalizability, and dialogical research. Culture & Psychology, 29(2), 260–279. DOI: 10.1177/1354067X221135048
Finney, C., & Cresswell, J. (2021). When do arts-based methodologies work?: a case illustration involving newcomer experiences and knowledge-production in community-based research. Qualitative Research in Psychology, 19(4) 1013-1034. DOI:
Tamlin, H., Cresswell, J., & Hoppe, A. (2021). Experiencing Visions of Canadian Church Workers: Exploring the Mentality Fueling Systems Involved in Poverty Reduction. Journal of Community Psychology, 49(6), 1748-1766.
Cresswell, J. (2021). On the Aesthetics of Self Creation: Technological Milieu and the Future of Theoretical Psychology. International Review of Theoretical Psychologies, 1(1), 110-124.