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Seminary Travel Study Course Offerings


University education is a journey . . . experience Ambrose travel!

Travel – (trãvəl) v. trav-eled, or trav-elled; trav-el-ing, or trav-el-ing "to go on a journey; to grow, to learn, to move forward in life."

Take your classroom on the road with Ambrose's educational travel opportunities. Expand your global horizons. Stimulate your imagination. Deepen your understanding, and infuse your life with adventure.

Educational Travel allows you to experience world culture and history while earning credit toward your degree. You may travel with fellow students and your professor to study in exciting international settings. Through our onSite missions program you can serve alongside missionaries on an overseas field.

These travel courses are often available to non-program students and some are open to the general public.

Due to COVID-19 travel study opportunities are currently on hold. Please stay tuned for the resumption of these opportunities when it is safe and prudent to do so.


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