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Ambrose Arts Mentorship Award


Ambrose Arts Mentorship Awards are awarded to promising first-year students in selected artistic disciplines.  Recipients enter into a one-year mentorship with practicing artists, performers, and scholars who are Ambrose Arts professors and local professionals.

The award provides financial support and helps students prepare for their career from the outset of their degree at Ambrose University.


  • Acting
  • Classical Instrument
  • Classical Singing
  • Composition
  • Conducting
  • Jazz
  • Dance
  • Research


  • establish a meaningful mentor-mentee relationship
  • cultivate synergy between curricular and co-curricular activities
  • help students develop competencies in their craft, career-building and personal formation  


  • regular in-depth meetings with mentor
  • on-campus learning experiences which augment coursework or lessons
  • off-campus learning experiences such as conference attendance and professional networking
  • behind-the-scenes experience with local arts organizations 


Awards are determined on the basis of the applicant’s calibre of performance/portfolio and commitment to and potential for artistic development. 

Ambrose Arts Degree Admission Requirements: 

  • entrance audition or portfolio
  • interview with Ambrose Arts faculty
  • supporting materials (resume and reference)

To be considered for the Ambrose Arts Mentorship Award applicants are required to submit a Personal Statement with the title ‘Ambrose Arts Mentorship Award Statement of Purpose.’  In approximately 250 words, please tell a story about who you are and discuss your educational and career goals.  Please describe how the mentorship program will help you achieve your goals.  


The mission of Ambrose Arts is preparation for a life of cultural impact

Please submit your details to Mark Bartel -