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Diploma in Acting

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As an acting student at Ambrose, you will train to develop the skills and discipline to create a life in the arts. You will join a cohort of fellow student-actors and faculty members intentionally present throughout your journey to becoming a professional colleague. You will be challenged to explore new ways of creating and collaborating. You will learn to tell stories better and tell better stories. Master the art and craft of powerful storytelling and be transformed in the process.

 I found that in this program, getting to be able to work one-on-one with some truly talented instructors was super beneficial. Classes didn’t feel so much like classes as they felt like specific training on how to do this craft 

Jonathan – Second Year Acting Student

Beyond the Classroom

The acting program is based on a mentorship and discipleship model to connect you with instructors who are actively involved in the Calgary theatre community. Through courses and practicums, you will also get an inside look at the world of professional theatre and make valuable industry connections. Discover where your strengths lie and build solid connections in the local theatre community through collaboration, production and internships.

Your Future

Develop the skills of a confident and versatile performer as you learn about all aspects of theatre craft. By pursuing honesty in all that you do, you will encounter your fears and your faith and transform yourself, which will inspire you to transform your culture through your art. Here is a sampling of the jobs our alumni have now because of this degree or entered through further studies:

  • Professional Actor
  • Director
  • Playwright
  • Theatre Management
Credit Breakdown

This intensive diploma program spans over two years. You will complete 30 credits in your first year and 33 credits in your second year (totaling 63 credits). Courses are predetermined for students for the full two years.


I have found the principles of Christianity to be very beneficial in managing people. Everyone needs grace and forgiveness. Learning more about the Christian faith and the unfathomable depth of God’s love and mercy helped me develop my leadership from a biblical perspective."

From a survey of Ambrose alumni

Featured Courses

  • TH 100 Introduction to The Theatre

    This course provides an introduction to the nature and potential of theatre. It examines theatre as a living art form with the objective of enhancing students’ enjoyment of the theatre experience. The course allows the student to identify dramatic elements found in plays and provides a fundamental understanding of the techniques of the theatrical arts.

  • TH 207 Voice I

    This course provides an exploration and discovery of the voice and its connection to breath, vibration, resonation, articulation, sensitivity and power. Emphasis will be placed on freeing the natural voice as it pertains to theatrical performance. Students will also be introduced to vocal anatomy and health, as well as phonetics relating to voice, speech and text work.

  • TH 120a Collective Creation I

    Collective Creation is a year-long course in which participants explore a variety of theatrical roles through primarily nontext based forms of stimulating theatre creation. With a focus in the first semester (TH120a/220a) on generating material and learning to critique and respond to work, the second semester (TH120b/220b) furthers the exploration with a focus on material selection, refinement, and performance.

  • TH 154 Script Analysis

    Through readings, written critiques, lecture and discussion, students become proficient in identifying the basic elements of both Narrative (in various manifestations) and Dramatic Structure.

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