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Kathryn Crawford, EdD

Associate Professor, School of Education
Phone number
(403) 407-9475
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I have been engaged in preservice teacher development and field experiences as a teacher in K-12 classrooms, as well as in my work in preservice teacher preparation at Ambrose. My course design and content is focused on Universal Design for Learning and ethical inclusion in teaching and learning. My research interests include pre-service and early career teacher identity, the socialization and professionalization of teachers, Indigenous pedagogies in teaching and learning, and critical studies of field experience.

I recently co-edited an academic book on the response of various Bachelor of Education programs in Canada to the Covid pandemic. The authors shared challenges as well as successes, with a focus on opportunities for productive change learned from their response to emerging issues and needs. I have also enjoyed participating in an inter-institutional study that resulted in the creation of a series of modules on classroom culture and student engagement as a component of a Design-Based Research project exploring preservice teacher confidence and readiness with classroom management.

I love exploring bookstores, spending time with my friends and family, learning, and yoga.


EdD (University of Calgary)
MEd (University of Calgary)
BEd (University of Alberta)

Select Publications

Crawford, K., Hill, J., Dykema, D., Hiltermann, E., Tata, H., & Wong, J. (2021). (Re)Storying Education. In E. Lyle (Ed.), Re/humanizing Education. (pp. 10-20). Brill.
Danyluk, P., Burns, A., Hill, L., & Crawford, K. (2022). Conclusion: What Have We Learned: Adaptations, Recommendations, and Silver Linings. In P. Danyluk, A. Burns, S. Hill & K Crawford (Eds.) Crisis and opportunity: How Canadian Bachelor of Education programs responded to the pandemic (pp. 334-340). Canadian Association for Teacher Education/Canadian Society for the Study of Education.
Crawford, K., , Hill, J. Martens, S. Pelletier, C., Thomas, C., & Wong, A. (2023). Journey to create an ethical space to include and promote Indigenous ways of being, teaching, and learning in teacher education. (In press) JET
Danyluk, P., McNeilly, E., Crawford, K., Bené, R. & Pagaling, R. (2023). Learning How to Create a Positive Classroom Culture Using Online Modules. University of Calgary Conference on Postsecondary Learning and Teaching: Collective transformation: How blended and online learning have changed postsecondary education, Calgary, Alberta, April, 2023
Markides, J., Markides, D, & Crawford, K. (2023). Becoming as the tentative nature of teacher identity: A critical poly-ethnographic dialogical engagement. Hawaii International Conference on Education 2023, Waikiki Beach, Hawaii (online), January, 2023
Hurley, S.(Host). (2021-present). Focus on the Field [Audio podcast]. VoiceEd Radio. Danyluk, P., Burns, A., Crawford, K. & Hill, S. L. (2019). Preservice teachers’ perspectives of failure during a practicum. Journal of Teaching Education, 32(3), 237-250. DOI:10.1080/10476210.2019.1693536
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Burns, A., Hill, L., Danyluk, P., & Crawford, K. (2018). What’s in it for me? Partner teachers and their role in pre-service teacher education. Journal of Teacher Education, 51(1), 35-55.