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Dianna Easton, MEd, BEd, BKin

  • Dianna Easton
Sessional Faculty - Education


Dianna’s interest and drive to help students understand themselves as learners, develop skills I self-mastery and reflective thinking began as when she was a competitive swim coach in the early 1990’s.  Dianna has been a classroom teacher since 2010 working with students from grade 1 – 9. Her passion for teaching in mathematics stems from a growth mindset, exploration of mathematical thinking, and a love to help students explore what frustrates them within their thinking. By exploring mathematics using math forums, student sharing, and visible thinking strategies mathematical conversations and thinking dynamically shifts, empowering students to have confidence within their mathematical thinking. Dianna has also been researching culture and diverse learning needs and the involvement of teacher and parental cultural understandings. Dianna loves to help students express and explore who they are as learners and student leaders.


Currently engaged in doctoral work (Gonzaga University)
MEd (Gonzaga University)
BEd (University of Alberta)
BKin (University of Calgary)