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Ambrose Arts is home to a four-year Bachelor of Music degree, three- and four-year Bachelor of Arts in Music degrees, a two-year Diploma in Acting, and both Dance and Worship Arts minors that can be incorporated into other degree programs. Ambrose Arts faculty are award-winning scholars and innovators who have worked at prestigious arts organizations. As an Arts student, you will benefit from invaluable time with them as they guide you into a professional career as an artist. You will also work with sessional instructors who are professional artists in music, theatre and dance. 


 The first thing I try to do with students, is to get them to view music as a story with a lot of actors and not just the great composers. And then helping students to see themselves an active part of this story. 

Dr. Alyssa Michaud - Assistant Professor of Music


Why Arts at Ambrose?

Individualized Learning: Ambrose Arts is a place of agency that connects you to the arts communities in Calgary. Our faculty help you prepare for your career in the arts through mentor-style learning and small class sizes. 

Performance Opportunities: Arts students appear in many productions on campus and in the community.

Faith Integration: Ambrose Arts is a place of intersections where personal growth meets artistic expression, and where intellect meets embodiment. You will explore your faith as you grow in a community of peers, scholars, and artists. 



Ambrose Arts Events