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BUS 305 Management of Non-Profit Organizations


There are an estimated 170,000 nonprofits and charitable organizations in Canada. Nonprofits are an important part of our society, operate in many diverse areas of our economy, and are important for the initiation and implementation of many government programs and services. It has been recognized that one of the biggest issues facing the nonprofit sector today is the quality of management. Nonprofits are faced with a multitude of challenges and the leaders of today’s nonprofits must be prepared to face a complex environment that is rapidly changing on many fronts.

This course is designed to provide current and future nonprofit managers and leaders with a range of nonprofit management concerns and practices. The workload is relatively heavy and is targeted toward third and fourth year students. Course projects and discussions introduce/expand students' management skills, analytical tools, and knowledge. Students take the perspectives of nonprofit managers, volunteers, board members, policy makers, donors, and clients. This course is built on the assumption that students learn more if they are actively engaged with the material. Exercises and discussions allow students to test knowledge, formulate ideas and strategies, respond to management dilemmas, and get immediate feedback from classmates and the instructor. urse Description