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Financial Literacy Newsletter - Preventing fraud in a digital world

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March 2023

Preventing fraud in a digital world



A few words from FCAC

Welcome to the Fraud Prevention Month (#FPM2023) issue of the Financial Literacy Newsletter. Understanding how fraudsters think and operate is becoming an increasingly important skill to protect your finances...


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Eight signs of digital fraud

By: Financial Consumer Agency of Canada


It’s hard not to feel confused by the large number and variety of digital fraud and scams that you need to watch out for. Here are eight easy-to-identify signs to put you on your guard...


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Fraudulent charges — are you covered?

By: Financial Consumer Agency of Canada


Take this quiz to see how well you know your rights and responsibilities when it comes to fraudulent charges on your debit and credit cards...


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What’s in a real estate fraudster’s toolkit?

By: Financial Consumer Agency of Canada


The high price of real estate has attracted fraudsters and scammers. Here are four common fraudster tricks to watch out for and protect yourself from being a victim of title fraud...


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What's new

Canada’s financial literacy ecosystem shares the latest news, research, funding, learning tools and events with you...


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Words from our collaborators


Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre reports all-time high levels of financial fraud

By: Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre


Since 2020, the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC) has seen fraud victimization grow to shocking new heights...


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Did the CRA really contact you?

By: Canada Revenue Agency


As a taxpayer, you should be cautious if you receive any communication that claims to be from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and requests...


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Investment fraud: How a fraudster might approach you

By: Ontario Securities Commission


There are many ways a fraudster might approach you. They might email, text or phone you. Or they might pretend to know the same people as you...


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Be aware: Don’t become an accomplice in mortgage fraud

By: Canada Housing and Mortgage Corporation


Mortgage fraud is a type of financial crime that can have serious consequences. This type of fraud is more common than most people realize...


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Stay safe online: Social media accounts and phishing

By: Communications Security Establishment’s Get Cyber Safe campaign


Though social media is great for staying connected, fraudsters can take the information they learn from you to commit various cybercrimes...


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