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Academic New Year is Here!

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Apply for Loans and Grants

Students can now access the following applications:

  • 2023-24 Full-time application
  • 2023-24 Part-time application

Reference the following materials for help with completing the full-time post-secondary application for financial assistance: 

A new resource called the Part-time Application Process helps students complete the part-time application for financial assistance. Reference the information on Section 5, which (once authorized by a school official) must be returned to the student to ensure their information is complete before they submit their application. 

2023-24 Program Updates 

The What's new section highlights updates to the Alberta Student Aid program, systems and policies that are effective August 1, 2023 to July 31, 2024. In addition, the Alberta Government will implement several measures to improve affordability for post-secondary students on July 1, 2023:

  • Reduce interest rates on Alberta student loans to the prime rate;
  • Alberta student loan interest-free grace period is extended from six months to 12 months (benefits students who completed their studies on or after Dec 1, 2022); and
  • Income thresholds for the Repayment Assistance Plan increase from $25,000 to $40,000.

Please contact if you have any questions.


Wednesday, June 28, 2023
Financial Aid