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5 Money Saving Tips & Tricks

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A quality post-secondary education is a worthwhile investment into your future, yet it can also be a considerable challenge for you to finance. We want to make sure you are equipped to manage your money wisely!

1. Make a Budget and Stick to It!

Ambrose offers Budget Worksheets for students to use to plan out a year’s worth of expenses. Planning out your expenses will help you create achievable goals and plan ahead. Even just tracking your spending will help you to see trends and keep yourself accountable with your money. Generating the habit of budgeting could save you lots of money and stress!

Here are some free budget tracking tools and resources:

  • Google Sheets (there are lots of free templates to help track your spending!)
  • Wally
  • Goodbudget

2. Keep Your Eyes Out for Scholarships

Ambrose gives out over a million dollars to students in need. Keep your eye on the Financial Aid Blog for scholarship announcements and keep an eye on your provincial financial aid pages for external scholarships!

3. Buy/Sell Used Textbooks

Did you know that the Ambrose Lion’s Store offers used textbooks for some of your class textbooks? You can buy used textbooks at a reduced price and sell them when you are done with them to help cut some costs!

The Ambrose Lion’s Store will also buy back some of your used textbooks. Make sure to keep an eye on their Buyback lists so that you can earn some extra cash!

  • Fall Semester: The lists are updated at the beginning of June, and they accept books until the first day of classes.
  • Winter Semester: The lists are updated at the end of November, and they accept books until the first day of classes.

4. Cook Meals at Home Instead of Eating Out

Eating out multiple times a week can add up quickly. Buying food in bulk at the beginning of the week and freezing meals can give you something quick and easy to throw in the microwave when needed!

Did you know that the average cup of coffee in Calgary costs around $4.22? If you are drinking coffee every morning, you can save money by making your own drinks!

5. Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help!

If you are stressed about being able to afford your studies, please ask for help! You can always talk to our Student Finance Office to set up a payment plan or book an appointment with our Financial Aid & Awards Coordinator to help you search for free money. Please note that the earlier in the semester you book an appointment, the more resources are available to you!


Friday, March 22, 2024
Financial Aid