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The Star of Bethlehem

Come to our family-friendly early-evening Star Party to hear what the night sky may have revealed to the Magi. Look through telescopes with an opportunity to hunt for the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, stars, and more!  Dress warmly for outside observing if the weather permits. 
We will explore how planets and stars may have written the message of the season. The evening will start with a lively public talk by Dr. Stephen Jeans (Lecturer, Earth and Space Science) and then an active indoor/outdoor Star Party on the Ambrose University campus. Dr. Jeans and astronomers from The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, along with undergraduate astronomy students, will be on-hand to teach about how to read the night sky, explore telescope types, and observe celestial phenomena (using the telescopes outdoors, if the sky is clear).

We will be able to see an alignment (conjunction) including the Pleiades star cluster, our Moon, and planets Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus. You are welcome to bring your own binoculars or scope, and get help in using them.

Bring your friends and family to see the natural beauty of our Solar System this Christmas. (Registration below)

While we are waiting for the Star of Bethlehem check out this short video by Dr. Stephen Jeans about the upcoming Lunar Eclipse on Nov 8, 2022.

CSCA logoThe Star of Bethlehem lecture and star party is put on by Ambrose University and the Canadian Scientific and Christian Affiliation.





Friday, December 2, 2022
6:30 PM MT
Ambrose University
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